Fall League Athlete Registration

Get Ready For The 2017 Fall League!

All student athletes are required to register to participate. Please communicate your participation interest with your coach.

Below is the registration process for a student athlete for the 2017 Fall League:

  1. The registrant be the legal parent or guardian of the student athlete, OR
  2. You are the student athlete and you are 18 years of age or older, AND
  3. The student athlete’s name has been included on the team’s roster, AND
  4. The student athlete has received an emailed invitation to register from the League, AND
  5. The registrant must enter the student athlete’s valid firearm safety certificate information during registration, AND
  6. The registrant must fully complete the online registration.

The online registration takes about five minutes to complete and registrants will receive an email confirmation when completed.

League registration fees are $30 per student athlete per league.

Additional student athlete participation fees and deadlines are determined by each team. Contact your head coach for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is student athlete registration available?

Opens: 8/1/17 and closes at 12:00 Noon CDT on 9/11/17.

Are any deadline extensions allowed?


How does the registrant access the athlete registration page?

Head coaches will add students to their team’s roster beginning on August 1st. Students that have been added to a team’s roster will receive an email that will direct them to the secure registration page.

Who can complete the registration for the student athlete?

The registrant must be the legal parent or guardian of the student athlete, or the student athlete can register if they are 18 years of age or older as of 9/11/17.

What is the password to access the athlete registration?

Please check your email for your registration password. Please contact your head coach if you have not been added to a team roster or if you have not received the registration email.

Do student athletes need to register again if they have participated in the League previously?

All participating student athletes must register for the Fall League.

How much does the League registration fee cost.

$30. This is only the fee that is due directly to the League. Any team fees, such as ammunition, local shooting range costs, uniforms, gear, etc, are paid separately to your team. Please contact your coach for specific team participation fee information. Registrants will also have an opportunity to make a donation to the League during the registration process to help support and grow youth shooting sports.

Will I be required to pay during the registration process?

The preferred payment method for the $30 student athlete registration fee is determined by each team and will be identified when registrants begin their registration process.

Option 1: Registrant payment

Registrants will pay their fees online during the registration process.

Registrants may pay their fees later by following the payment link in the registration email that is sent during the registration process. Note that your registration is not complete until successful payment has been made. Payment must be made on or before 9/16/17.

Option 2: Team payment

You will pay your fee to the team and the team will pay the League. No online transaction will be required.

Teams should communicate the payment method choice to registrants before student athlete registration is available.

If I am registering two students, can I make one payment for their registration fees?

No. Each student athlete requires individual payment.

What payment methods are allowed during registration?

Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express credit and debit cards. Personal checks are NOT allowed.

How secure is the online payment process?

The League uses Authorize.net. Authorize.net is compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS), and is one of the leading electronic payment providers. Authorize.net is committed to protecting the confidentiality and integrity of cardholder and personal data of anyone making purchases from merchants using their payment gateway. No payment information is stored with the League.

What if I opt to pay later and I lose my payment email?

If you lose the email that contains the link to make payment, you may contact your head coach to have him/her resend the email through the Team Management System. It is the athlete’s responsibility to have payment completed by the registration deadline.

What if I have a problem making payment during registration?

If payment is declined or an error occurs during the payment process, an email will be sent to the Parent/Guardian Email Address that was entered during the payment process. This email will contain a link to the secure payment page to complete payment.

What if my name doesn’t appear in the list of athletes for my team when I try to register?

Team coaches are responsible for adding all team members to their rosters before registration. If your name doesn’t appear, contact your head coach to have your name added.

What if my school’s name doesn’t appear in the list of participating teams when I try to register?

Your team has not registered with the League. Have your coach contact the League.

My school is not participating in the Fall League. Can I participate on another school’s team?

Yes, if  your school has a cooperative agreement, and there is room for more students on that team. Please see the policies & procedures page for more information regarding cooperative agreements.

Do I need Firearms Safety certification to participate in the League?

Yes, athletes require to possess League-approved firearm safety certification. Registrants will need to enter or provide the coach the certificate number to register a student athlete.

What if I don’t have my student’s Firearms Safety information when I register?

You will have two options to enter a student’s firearms safety certificate information.

1. Registrants can enter their certificate number at the time of registration.

2. Registrants can complete the registration without a certification number and select the option to have the coach enter it before the deadline. Firearms safety certificate numbers must be given to your coach so they can update the number in the Team Management System on or before 12:00 Noon CDT on 9/11/17. Athletes who are missing Firearm Safety Certification on 9/12/17 will automatically be removed from the roster and will not be allowed to participate in the current season.

Will I receive a confirmation following the registration process?

Yes, a confirmation email will be sent immediately following the registration process to the Parent/Guardian Email Address (and optionally, the Alternate Parent/Guardian Email) that was entered during registration. If you do not receive this email, please check your spam folder to make sure it didn’t get caught in a spam filter.

Are registrations allowed after the registration deadline?

No. All athletes who have not registered by the deadline will automatically be removed from their team roster and will not be able to participate in the current season. No athletes can be added to a team roster after the registration deadline.

What if I completed my registration but did not complete my payment prior to the registration deadline?

All registrations for student athletes that have not been paid by the payment deadline will be automatically removed from the team’s roster and will not be allowed to participate in the current season.